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At the Law Office of Glenn Verchick we strive to provide our clients with personal, quality legal representation. We have been representing victims of negligence and malpractice for over twenty five years. We know that if you are calling us about a possible case that your normal everyday life has been disrupted, and maybe even devastated, by injury to you or a loved one. We work to understand the impact that injury or death has brought to your family and ensure that that injury or loss is reflected in your case. If we are retained in your case, we will work to get you compensation, not just for the injury itself, but for the effect it has had on your quality of life and the ability for you and your family to live and enjoy life the way you did before the accident or malpractice.

We are not a large law firm. Your case will get  personal attention from Glenn Verchick. Our goal is to provide you with personal quality representation. You will meet and work with us from the beginning of the case to its conclusion. If a fair and reasonable settlement cannot be obtained, we stand ready to try your case to verdict.

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