Property owners have an obligation to persons visiting their property to keep the walkways, stairs, paths and other areas in a safe and defect free condition. Many times property owners fail to keep their property in a safe condition and that failure causes someone to slip or trip and fall causing injury.  Some examples of defective conditions are: frayed carpets, worn mats, uneven stairs, broken steps, uneven or cracked sidewalks, defective doors and wet slippery floors, just to name a few.

When someone falls and is injured due to a defective, dangerous condition, the property owner can be held liable if they knew, or should have known, about the condition but failed to fix it. Damages for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering can be recovered in a lawsuit against a negligent landlord.

At the Law Office of Glenn Verchick, we have over 25 years of experience in representing injured persons against negligent owners and landlords in both New York and New Jersey.  We have recovered money damages for clients injured in supermarkets, shopping malls, apartment buildings, schools, restaurants, bars and stores and on city sidewalks and roadways. We have even successfully pursued cases for our clients who were injured in train stations, subway stations and public parks.

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